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Introducing Free & Business Plans

We strive to provide you with the best platform to support your business. Recently, we added advanced capabilities, which led us to expand our offerings to fully meet your business needs.

The Free Plan will continue to offer unlimited content creation and co-editing, as well as unlimited number of Board members. However, content sharing via the app & keyboard is now limited.

Choose a plan to fit your needs:

Upload up to 50 videos files

Voice recordings

Excel in every customer interaction

Send unlimited messages and content from the keyboard 

Business Plan

Save images to your device

Send announcements to members

Boards Analytics

Content restrictions for shared Boards

Get started and collaborate

Unlimited Boards creation and sharing

Add unlimited content: text, images, PDFs, links, YouTube and Vimeo videos

Create and share pages

Collaborate and co-edit Boards with others

Free Plan

Unlimited content sharing from the app

Boards for desktop

Send and share up to 100 messages and posts from the keyboard 


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